(Mental) Health Care in crisis ?!

Sixth Conference Integrative Psychiatry
Friday March 6 2015
MartiniPlaza, Groningen

(Mental) Health Care appears to be in crisis. Radical budget cuts and changes are taking place and politicians and insurers expect to see progressive improvements, but in the meantime professionals are collapsing under the weight of administrative burden and regulations, and the very soul of (Mental) Health Care threatens to be lost. Health Care needs help and we wish to make a contribution with this conference. Don’t you?

We have invited a rich diversity of (inter)national experts to delve into their individual expertise and come up with new ideas and solutions from the perspectives of science, diagnostics, treatment, prevention and organization. Plenary lectures will be presented by:

  • Prof. dr. Jim van Os; one of the most prominent and influential psychiatrists in the Netherlands; on personal diagnostics in a new Mental Health Care
  • Prof. dr. Dean Ornish; one of six international pioneers of integrative medicine: on lifestyle medicine
  • Dr. Sonia Lupien; expert in the field of scientific research into stress: on stress as a trans-diagnostic factor in illness
  • Prof. dr. Linn Getz; general practitioner and professor in sustainable and preventive medicine: on an integrative vision on health care, with an emphasis on sustainability and prevention.

In addition, several novel visions and treatments will be discussed in eight workshops with a.o. Prof. dr. Frits Muskiet, Prof. dr. Gerrit Glas, Dr. Martin Appelo, Dr. Rogier Hoenders and Dr. Bram Bakker. We realize that the problems at hand will not have been solved by the conclusion of this convention. But we do expect that this day will generate the inspiration and energy for us to embark on a joint search for solutions to the present-day crisis in health care.

We look forward to welcoming you on Friday March 6 2015 !

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The Integrative Mental Health Solution

Published .

Introducing a series of books on integrative mental healthcare by Dr. James Lake

The Integrative Mental Health Solution is a 10 volume series of e-books on integrative mental healthcare. The first volume, Your Mental Health Care: the Integrative Solution will teach you about important concepts and methods used in integrative mental healthcare.

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